My Opinion of

I think this website is a great place to get tabletop gamers together online. I can see alot of features be add to this website. I think they make a little better of a GUI for the maps but none the less its good for what it does. If you interested join me on It lets you create maps, use tokens, and anything to make your games come alive. It also has built in mic system and uses Google+ to use your webcam if you desire. All in all really good website that could use a few improvements.



Ideas for my Next Campaign

I have a few Ideas. I think I might get a new group interested in the game by starting a Starter set campaign from the DM book.  Ill will make this game on if anyone is interested. I like using visual for my game as it makes it more fun and enjoyable to everyone. The book gives me all the details and the way to play the games. Also gives me the list of monster to use in this small campaign. It will be very interesting to play Lost Mines of Phandelver. IMG_1135

My Opinions on the New 5th Edition

DnD 5th edition is a very easy and interesting way to play DnD. It cuts out all the math, and technical problems that the previous DnDs had. This edition brings it back to the original idea of the game. This makes it easier for New DMs to join and makes for an smoother and easier game to play. It focus on Exploration, Roleplaying, and less on the Combat side even though that is the bigger part of the game. My opinion is that this is a great edition. Especially over 3.5 and 4th.Dungeons-Dragons-5th-Edition-Review-Cover-600x337

Created a New Background

I have created a new background for characters. The background is called Wildling. It is a mix between Hermit and Outlander backgrounds. Medicine Skill from Hermit, and the Survival Skill from Outlander. Tool proficiency is from Outlander using an instrument. Also the Feat: wanderer comes from Outlander. The personality, origin, bond, Ideals, and Flaws are chosen between the mix of the two backgrounds. So far this is a great beginning story for a Druid or a Ranger class.druid

DMing Becoming Easier

I have now DMed for the second time. I have learned alot from my previous game and implemented what I have learned in the next part of our campaign. So the group of adventures traveled back to Wintervale and got paid for their efforts. Spending time in this small town, they have manage to find some work. There as been a raid on the local farms in the area, and the adventurers head off to find whats causing the problems and locate the source. They manage to sneak up on the goblins that were left behind at the farm. One as escaped and the adventurers track him to a cave near the mountain side. The adventurers camp near the cave but in a distance where they will not be notice. ( This is where we left off.)

The map of the world our adventurers live in.

The map of the world our adventurers live in.

First Time as DM

I was nervous and excited to host my first DM on I set up the campaign to have visual for every section/scene and encounters. I also got maps, tokens and dialog for the campaign so my players can experience it visually. Our first game consisted of 3 players, A Dwarven Cleric, Half-Elf Bard, and a Dragonborn Fighter. They all met in a town called Wintervale and was looking for adventure to make a name for themselves and this town was on the frontier of civilized lands. So much work needed to be done and no one was brave enough to take them on. The adventurers took on a job from Bran a local armor smith. He needed a shipment of goods escorted to a town bout 12 hr trip. They squared their shoulders for the task ahead and started their trip. During this trip they were ambushed by 4 goblins. The fight was rough as the cleric was shot by arrows and was near death before saved by the Dragonborn. After the fight they moved on to the town of Shantytown and dropped the good off to the dwarf at the warehouse called Luther. By the time this is done it is dusk and they wander in to the local in and stay the night. (…to be cont…)